Create a simple to-top scroller.


The Totop component allows you to apply an icon to your to-top scroller. Just add the uk-totop attribute to an <a> element.

To add a smooth effect when using the totop to jump up the page, use the Scroll component.

<a href="" uk-totop></a>
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  • <a href="#" uk-totop uk-scroll></a>


The Totop component automatically sets the appropriate WAI-ARIA roles, states and properties.

  • The totop icon has the aria-label property, and if an <a> element is used, the button role.


The Totop component uses the following translation strings. Learn more about translating components.

labelBack to toparia-label attribute.

Theme development

On your tailwind.config.js file, add the Totop component within the ui() plugin.

import ui from "franken-ui";

    components: {
        totop: {
            hooks: {}

Available hooks

Note If you are developing theme from scratch, you can use all these hooks. If you’re using the shadcn/ui theme, some hooks might not work as they were already in use or removed. Learn more about using hooks.

Hook NameAffected Classes